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Silverlight Chat

+ Full-duplex TCP/IP concept demo. ("PollingDuplex")
+ Publish/Subscribe -pattern: Client registers to server and server sends (push based) events from other users.
+ Almost real-time communication with other users (/Silverlight clients)!
+ Database could be made, but it is optional: Now the server just forwards (/filters) the client messages to other clients.

This is chat as a concept demo. The same concept could be used as for example multiplayer game (/multiuser software like Google Wave/Docs) with high interaction level between users. (Silverlight 5 works on Facebook, Windows Phone, ...) We could have one or many servers per user, so the user load could be distributed (eg. by location, game board coordinates, etc).

Development tool: Visual Studio 2012 RC (with Silverlight 5 SDK). Plugins: None.
IIS is used as host. I haven't tried with others. WCF Serialization in binary mode, can be read with Fiddler2.

Technology stack:
+ F# (FSharp) as main language
+ WCF WebService ("PollingDuplex")
+ Silverlight 5 client

This is quite much like the WebSocket concept which would propably work with the same source code, but different web.config for WCF service, but needs (Win8 based) IIS 8.

1. Use Visual Studio 11 (RC) and have Silverlight 5 SDK
2. Set the WCFHost as start up project
3. You may have to refererence FSharp core dll again (if you have a different version)
4. From WCFHost project properties create virtual dir to IIS.
That's it.

Project structure (the interesting ones):

Servere side:
- WCFHost: (IIS VDir)
+ PushService.svc WCF WebService host
+ Chat.html: Silverlight host HTML page
+ Web.Config: Some configs
- ServiceLogics:
+ StreamClient.fs: Interface for push messages from server to client
+ PushService.svc.fs: WebService logics, interface for client to call server
Client side:
- DataClient
+ Generated service reference
- ClientLogics:
+ Commands.fs: Silverlight ICommands
+ ClientViewModel.fs: Client side ViewModel for UI
- SLClient:
+ MainPage.xaml: Silverlight UI

References / similar stuff:

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